Posted by: drkaraca | November 5, 2012


Rochester, MI

5.0 star rating


When I went to see Dr. Karaca, I did not know what a miracle worker I found.

I had a breast reduction and liposuction done by another “reputable” plastic surgeon in the area.  This doctor left me with 2 differently sized breasts, nipples in different locations and facing different directions, and huge visible scars. The liposuction that was done by this other doctor was terrible too, very lumpy and a huge donut like circle of fat was left around my stomach. That doctor was even in Detroit’s Top Docs Issue, and he left me looking like I was his first breast reduction patient. He thought he did a good job.  He scarred me more than just on the surface.

When I showed Dr. Karaca the results, I just cried.  I just wanted smaller breasts, I  did not anticipate looking like Frankenstein.  Dr. Karaca took my hand, and said he could help me. We talked about all of this, and Dr. Karaca assured me that he could fix my breasts, and the bad liposuction too.  Just writing this makes me cry. For a year I cried when I took off my clothes, and I even wouldn’t let my husband look at me. If I had only found Dr. Karaca sooner.

Dr. Karaca was a man of his word, and he made it so I can look at myself again.  I now have 2 beautiful breasts, that are the same size, with nipples that are even and facing the same direction.  My scars are no longer visible, and the liposuction revision has resulted in an amazing flat stomach!  I’m a 46 year old woman, I didn’t know how much a bad surgery would effect me. I am even more amazed with my renewed faith in the medical profession, when this unbelievable doctor fixed what I thought was a lost cause.  I don’t know if this doctor has any idea how grateful I am for what he did for me, and my husband. I wish I could show you all my before and after pictures, because words do not do this doctor justice!

Any woman, any age, needing an EXCELLENT plastic surgeon for a breast reduction, liposuction or reconstruction of a bad surgery should see Dr. Karaca.  You will not be disappointed.  He is kind, understanding and most importantly, he has an artistic eye and IS a good doctor that KNOWS what he’s doing.


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