Posted by: drkaraca | November 9, 2016

DR KARACA medical director

Dear friends,

The past summer has been full of positive activity. I did not get a chance to sit down and give all of you an idea of the changes. I would like to thank all of you who made it to our grand opening. We had more than 500 people stop by, a live band and a fantastic time.
I now have my practice located at 210 South Old Woodward in Birmingham where I share space with Rivage Day Spa. Jessica Lundberg is director and co-owner. I am also the medical director of the spa.

This year, with the addition of SCITON’s Halo laser and the Silhouette INSTALIFT, I can offer a much more encompassing non-surgical care, in addition to my usual plastic surgery procedures.

To make it simple, non-surgical office treatments are in 5 groups:
1- Botox and fillers
2- Halo laser and BBL for facial skin resurfacing with minimal downtime
3- Fat freezing with COOLSCULPTING ( multiple new handles to treat thighs, neck,etc..) and Vanquish
4. The Thermi group with ThermiTight, Thermi Smooth250 and ThermiVA
5- INSTALIFT sutures

If any of the above sounds interesting, Youtube has some great videos on each of them. Please review some of those and come in to discuss them with Mina or myself. These services are available seven days a week, by apointment.

Those of you who came to the opening received a $100 off coupon for all office procedures but I am happy to extend that to you as well. Simply bring a copy of this email with you when you come in for a consultation. Make sure you view the gorgeous new space and inquire about the spa services as well.

We are printing a new procedure catalog and will be happy to send you one, should you so desire. We have frequent in-house seminars and specials
so keep an eye out for announcements.

Some of the less common surgical procedures I specialize in are Circumferential liposuction of calves and ankles, endoscopic forehead lift, buccal fat reduction of cheeks and body lifts.

I am looking forward to treating every single person to the best of my abilities. A happy patient is a perfect result.


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