Ahmet R. Karaca, M.D. is a Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive training in updated cosmetic surgery procedures.Dr. Karaca - Plastic Surgeon Birmingham MI & Beverly Hills California Having been trained both here and abroad, Dr Karaca brings to every patient not only sterling credentials but also a finesse and wealth of experience that is rare in many cosmetic surgery practices. With offices in downtown Birmingham, Michigan and  Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Karaca has had the distinction of treating many distinct and prominent personalities whose looks are of high importance to their public persona. Dr. Karaca treats everyone as an individual, with great care and a personal commitment to making sure that the patient will achieve complete satisfaction.

Dr. Karaca feels privileged to have obtained and perfected special training in many of his cosmetic surgery procedures which eventually benefits his patients.  As many of his procedures are exclusively offered in his practice, this allows patients to experience a higher caliber outcome.

The specialty requires a sophisticated and well conceived plan based on knowledge and experience. Dr. Karaca’s perfectionism and dedication complete the puzzle.

Well known among his peers for his seamless breast reduction with a vertical scar, he is equally well respected and admired for his artistic abilities in rhinoplasty and facelift procedures. Dr Karaca’s special interests also include circumferential calf and ankle liposculpture and limited face lift.

Dr. Karaca believes that the look you achieve should be natural and an enhancement of your original beauty.

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